The Seabright Tales and the Tale of the Four Shepherds

  Dear Adventurers,   The Seabright Tales (The Saebeorht Tales) are a collection of short stories by a man called Thomas (sometimes, alternatively referred to as Thamus). The tales are well-known by all those that inhabit the Realms of Arcadium and have been shared with Adventurers for many years.   Among the most well-known is […]


The Traditions of Giving

Dear Adventurers,   The concept of gift-giving is an central tenet of the Order of Arcadium. Despite the research of Loremasters that came before me, we have only theories as to how this came to be such an important part of the cultural practices of the Order across the world.   Like in many cultures, […]


Digital and Remote Operation Investigative Devices

Digital and Remote Operation Investigative Devices   Dear Adventurers,   As many of you will be aware, the instability of the Portals continues to be an ongoing issue across all Chapters impacting our ability to explore the Realms of Arcadium.   Processes have been standardised across the Order for many years, including the strict time […]


The Adventurer’s Guide to Mysterious Artefacts & The Realm of Mystery

Dear Adventurers,   I must admit that although I loathe to pick a favourite, the Realm of Mystery has always held a special place in my regard as my first introduction to the Realms of Arcadium.   Except for the Archives, the affectionately named ‘Little Study‘ in the Realm of Mystery, which in truth is […]


Grand Master Humphrey Chetham

Looking for Chetham’s Library? Click Here.   Dear Adventurers,   Always curious about the potential of new Portals, since my last notice, I went to visit the Scientists in Melbourne, Australia to learn firsthand about any Portals that may have been detected. Unfortunately, I write today without any news but the investigations are ongoing. Furthermore, […]


A single shaft of light…

Dear Adventurers, This month passed quickly as I was left largely undisturbed in the darkest and coolest areas of the Archives. As you know, I can’t reveal too much about the location of the Archives under the Abscondern Edict, however I’m certain a description is relatively harmless! Upon first arrival at at the Archives through […]


A Reminder for the Members of the Order of Arcadium

  Dear Adventurers,   A reminder to each of our members that we continue to migrate materials from the Archives online. As a member, you have access to these resources for your own further education, which can be accessed here or upon login through your account. As I explore the Archives, I am reminded that […]


Dear Adventurers

  Dear Adventurers,   I have recently discovered some ancient records in the archives detailing what previous adventurers had learnt about the history of the realms and some suspicious activities…   We had previously considered many of these stories as myth and legend but it seems perhaps there may be some truth?   We have […]