Rankings of the Order of Arcadium

The world of Arcadium is a mysterious land that lies beyond the thresholds of portals at Arcadium. The world is broadly defined as three distinct realms; the realm of Mystery, of Magic and of Fantasy.  

The Order of Arcadium was established in 1475. Its members comprise of those adventurers and seekers that are called to explore Arcadium when portals to the Realms appear around the world. The Order is also charged with documenting all knowledge relating to the World of Arcadium and the preservation of artefacts taken from the Realms.

Members of the Order are arranged in four Houses: Älvkran, Bellamy, Crevanhale and Hartley and have rankings as follows:

  • Members, Adventurers & Seekers, AO
  • Analysts (archaic Scriveners), SAO
  • Commandeers, CAO
  • Master Companion, MCAO
  • The Grand Master

The rankings are related to the nature of the adventures and investigations undertaken by members across the various Departments of the Order including the Local Chapters, the Archives, the Collection and Investigations Bureau.


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