The Absondern Edict

The Absondern Edict was an order passed by the Grand Master of Arcadium in 1620 that directed the Order of Arcadium to conceal all of its activities; to safeguard its members, the artefacts of Arcadium and to hide its presence from the world at large.  


The Malleus Maleficarum published by Henrich Kramer (latinised: Henricus Institor) in 1486 just 9 years after the founding of Arcadium was a result of the mismanagement of artefacts from the Realm of Magic of Arcadium, particularly in the European chapters.   

Between 1560 and 1630, a series of Witch Trials took place first across Europe and then in North America and was a direct result of increased activity of the Order of Arcadium in these regions.  

By the early 17th century, persecution was at its worst driven by fear of the unknown and by 1620, the decision was made to issue the Absondern Edict to Arcadium Chapters around the world. Even though Asia and South America had not experienced the same spread of fear, condemnation and violence, the edict was issued to all regions to ensure no similar events could occur in the future.