The Losian Treasures


The Losian Treasures refers to the collection of items stolen from the Arcadium Archives in the Theft of the Faithless in June of 1620.  

To this day, there has been no clear suspect in the case though over the years, sightings and records of some of the treasures have surfaced across the world. No one knows why a member of the Order would have stolen these Treasures but they have become a figure of legend to have pulled off such a significant heist of so priceless a collection.  
Each of the objects in the Collection is a priceless artefact, often of immeasurable power. We know that each of the artefacts that are sought for the Collection for study are powerful but it is often unclear exactly what each artefact is capable of or how it is to be controlled.  

Not one of the Losian Treasures have ever been recovered and even now, Arcadium has teams across the world, members of the Department of the Obfuscated in Arcadium’s Investigative Branch, searching for any clues to the whereabouts of these priceless and powerful artefacts.