The Department of the Obfuscated

Case #LT-40480

The Lost Map to Pandora’s Box, Losian Treasures


Pandora’s Box was one of the most remarkable artefacts stolen during the Theft of the Faithless. For many years, Arcadium Adventurers and Scrieveners from the Department of the Obfuscated have searched for a fabled map leading to its secret location to no avail. We believe that new and terrible information has come to light regarding Pandora’s Box and we need your help find this dangerous artefact or risk letting it wreak havoc on Earth to dire consequence.


Request access to the case files below and assist our Scriveners in the investigation of this open case.

Who will love this adventure?
Lovers of books and lovers of stories…Anyone who has read a story and wished they could play a role. Step into the pages of the latest chapter of Arcadium and see where adventure could take you…

For All Curious Adventurers and Scriveners ; Solo Adventurers and Small Teams.


Time Allocation:
Several Hours. Adventurers should expect that this case may require a minimum of 2 – 3 hours.


How Does It Work?

This is an online investigation in which you will assist one of our Analysts with the search for the Lost Map to Pandora’s Box. It can be completed at any time that suits you and will require that you investigate materials provided via access the Arcadium Archives Online, conduct your own research online and coordinate and instruct any further investigation.


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Price for Lifetime Access:

AUD $48  Access for $30 for a Limited Time Only



  • Desktop with an internet connection, this is a remote and online investigation only.
  • As any experienced Scrivener would assuredly know, take notes as you go so that you may return to the investigation at a later time.